2014 Sportscasters LA Camp Pass Giveaway

We know this business is hard to get into and we are truly blessed to be doing what we do, which is why so many of us are interested in giving back to the broadcasters on their way up.

Last November, the first ever SportsCastersLA.com camp hosted 25 students to listen to some LA’s top sports media pros. They shared stories, knowledge, insight, motivations, techniques, but most importantly, they shared their contact information. This June, we have even more talent coming along with professional athletes attending to give our students the opportunities to showcase what they’re learning and to walk away from the camp with:

  • Professional Demo Reel
  • Training and Tips
  • Social Media & Branding Marketing Tips
  • Professional Contacts
  • Network of Peers

We know what it’s like and we’d like to try our best to give one lucky person a way see what it takes to get into the sports business. Applicants must submit using the form below. The staff will read all applications and decide which applicant provided the best response for the camp pass.

The lucky winner will be announced through email in the beginning of June.

Applications submissions will close on  May 30, 2014.

Apply Below:

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